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Eye-Catching Folding Cartons

Custom Package Design

If you are a consumer product goods company, your products need to be noticed. One of the best ways to do this is through great packaging that gets attention on a store shelf. Our chipboard boxes and similarly designed folding cartons appear in retail stores around the world. There’s simply no better way to package, transport, and display small items. Folding displays and cartons from Pro Packaging are highly customizable, providing durability and attention-grabbing designs—no need to sacrifice form for function. The most common carton types are:

  • Book-Style Front/Back Fold Out Panels
  • Tuck Top Automatic Bottom
  • Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom
  • Gable Style
  • Header Carton
  • Hang Tab Carton
  • Window
  • Reverse Tuck Ends
  • Straight Tuck Ends
  • Roll End Roll Front Tuck Top
  • Cherry Lock Top
  • Pillow Pack
  • Slider Trays
  • Sleeves
  • Special Custom Designs


Selecting a material depends on the product’s intended use. If an organization wants to sell something intended for young children, for example, they might choose a more rugged material to reduce potential damage to the display. More luxurious applications might call for more impressive or delicate options. Some common ones include:


  • Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS)
  • Solid Unbleached Sulphate (SUS)
  • Clay Coated Kraft Back (CCKB)
  • Clay Coated News Back (CCNB)
  • KrafPak (Kraft Bending Chip)
  • Foil Board


  • A, B, C Flute (structural strength)
  • B, E, F Flute (higher graphic quality)
  • Kraft, #1 White, #3 White, Kemilite
  • Single-Faced (exposed fluting on one side)


  • 0.075” to 0.020” Thickness
  • Clear
  • Frosted

Combined with POP displays, folding cartons are an excellent way to draw attention and incite last-minute purchases. The thinner chipboard materials for POP displays are ideal for selling small, lightweight items. Larger, heavier items are suited for high-end corrugated solutions, incorporating a fluted board and printed litho paper wrap. A number of quality indicators help determine a folding carton or POP display’s material selection:

  • Clearly Presents Product Information and Marketing Content
  • Creates Attention-Grabbing Designs
  • Features Functional and Durable Structures
  • Protects Products in a Consumer-Friendly Manner
  • Uses High-Quality Materials

Types of Folding Displays

Once the perfect folding carton is chosen, it’s time to figure out how to best vie for your customer’s attention with POP displays. These can easily be located near checkouts or other highly trafficked areas to display rows of folding cartons neatly. Other choices are:

  • Banner Stands. A large banner features a marketing campaign or photo that attracts consumers to the product on the shelf.
  • Custom Dump Bins. Dump bins can be placed in the middle of high-traffic areas and filled with items packaged with folded cartons.
  • Endcap Displays. Located at the end of shopping aisles, these afford brands the freedom to market products in small, concentrated areas with relevant customer traffic.
  • Freestanding Counter Display. These displays can go on counters or at the cash register for high visibility.
  • Mobiles. Your message is suspended from a ceiling connection that moves with the air current in-store.