While we would much rather talk about you and your packaging needs, knowing a little more about us will help give insight to what we stand for and what we offer to all our new and existing customers.

Our company was founded by Clay Seger in 1983. Already an eight year veteran in the packaging arena, having worked with several respectable packaging companies, it was time to put his special blend of background and vision to work. Pro Packaging was formed with the idea of providing truly comprehensive solutions; and that was well before the term “one-stop-shop” became such a common byline in our industry. Our customers’ needs have always been paramount and, when a requirement came up with which we were unfamiliar, we committed our efforts to educating ourselves and exploring any and all possibilities that we could bring to bear on that requirement.

After 25 years, we continue this commitment, bringing an ever deepening wealth of experience to each and every project that our customers present to us. Years and years of continually exploring new packaging options has given Pro Packaging the ability to truly “think outside the box” when proposing packaging solutions for our customers.

When you come to Pro Packaging, you will not find “stock” solutions. What you will find are creative, cost effective and cutting edge ideas and yes, some components may be “stock” items, but only if they support the greater overall picture to help you achieve your goals. You will receive comprehensive solutions that take into account your marketing, production and purchasing objectives. Be it a simple chipboard carton or an involved family of interrelated packaging components (vacuum forming, corrugated and/or chipboard cartons/displays, labeling, RFID compliance, “green” packaging alternatives, etc.), we believe that integrating your company goals up front with our depth of experience allows us to deliver winning solutions that help support your success.

Pro Packaging is a one-stop-shop for all of your packaging needs including design, prototyping, production and fulfillment. The company was conceived with the objective of providing truly comprehensive and innovative solutions while satisfying every budget. Pro Packaging does not allow our customers to stand alone in the packaging process; we guide and support them every step of the way from design to fulfillment.

The business started in 1983 after founder and CEO, Clay Seger, worked in the packaging industry for nearly a decade prior. The company he worked for primarily focused on thermoform packaging, a process where a plastic sheet is molded to the specific shape of the product; and fulfillment, warehousing products, packing them up and shipping them out. Back then his clients had issues with the look and fit of their product in the off-the-shelf packaging his employer offered. Seger, however, identified with his customers in desiring customizable packaging solutions at affordable prices. This is when the company, Pro Packaging, was born. Seger has over 30 years of packaging expertise providing a multidimensional approach to serve every client, large or small.


Pro Packaging differentiates itself from the competition by offering a wide array of distinct options to our clients because we feel excellent packaging not only enhances the product itself, but actually helps sell it. In today’s competitive consumer goods market, the box is an important opportunity to draw customers to the product. The outside of the box communicates the reputation of what is on the inside of the box.

Seger and his team design and implement all types of packaging options utilizing state-of-art technology with their worldwide manufacturing capabilities.

Some examples include:

  • Sustainable “green” packaging alternatives: 100 percent recycled materials, water based or vegetable based inks on recycled litho wrapping, a replacement for clear trays is completely biodegradable/compostable is pulp-sugar cane bagasse trays
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Rigid Box Set Up: high quality lidded box that comes preassembled and is non-collapsible. Using a setup box enhances the perceived quality and value of your company and products.
  • Vacuum Forming to keep food fresh
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels so words and designs will not melt off
  • RFID (radio frequency identification) Tags/Labels and Equipment: uses technologies to identify and track products

Another key differentiator from our competition is the fact that Pro Packaging becomes involved with marketing teams early in the design phase and presents several types of innovative and cost effective options to our clients. Our customers consider us an added member of their team and we collaborate together to identify marketing strategies and achieve bottom line financial objectives.

While our competition typically only provides a limited number of options, Pro Packaging offers a number of choices. We know how to make the most creative ideas a reality, but are fierce about keeping the cost as low as possible. Our products are beautiful, innovative, meticulous, and affordable.


A strong entrepreneurial spirit is at the core of Pro Packaging’s success. Our well-trained employees engage in the highest standards and best practices in the field. We approach every project with a “can do” philosophy. Effective collaboration and communication are paramount among our team members which enables us to provide to our customers well-planned and efficient project management resulting in innovation that is grounded in pragmatism.

The main reason why Pro Packaging has found success is because we listen. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and then work to fulfill them. Another factor in our success is that we strive to think “outside of the box” by finding creative ways to fulfill our clients’ various objectives. With over 35 years of experience in all facets of the packaging industry we are able to generate numerous options to arrive at an optimal solution, factoring in time to market, form, function and cost considerations. Some of the most stunning results often come from a cross-pollination of ideas; Pro Packaging’s breath of experience ensures a vibrant collaboration where the best outcome can be realized.


Clay Seger’s business acumen is to learn as much as possible about his clients’ industry because he realizes that, “Packaging is so much more than a pretty box; it sells what’s inside in a big way.” Consumers judge a product by its package and this is why Seger and his team educate their clients on options that align with their marketing efforts. An effective package needs to be relatable to the end user, the consumer. Seger believes in giving his customers options that balance budgets, aesthetics, and function.

His natural sense of ingenuity is a plus to his clients in providing exciting packaging solutions. He also enjoys creating an enjoyable experience for his customers and strives to exceed their expectations each step of the way. Seger is meticulous with every aspect of his company so his clients can be sure the end product he provides them is as well.


Our clients truly inspire us to create such distinctive, innovative packaging. Some of the clients we have the privilege of serving are:

  • International premium cosmetic retailers
  • Hilton Hotels
  • The Venetian Hotel
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Natrol
  • BioLucent/Hologic
  • CareFusion
  • Buck Knives
  • Fender Musical Instruments
  • DSTL Premium Denim
  • G&B Orchid Laboratory & Nursery
  • Hawaiian Host Candies
  • A. County Registrar
  • Laser Devices
  • Lee’s Aquarium
  • S. Optics
  • UCLA Medical Center


In addition to being an active leader in his community, Seger supports local charities in a unique manner. He honors and shows his appreciation to his loyal customers every year by making a sizable donation to a group of chosen charities. Some past charities include: USA Special Olympics, USA Olympics & USA Paralympics, Share Ourselves, Child Fund International, African Child Foundation, PBS So Cal, Yosemite Conservancy, and Swim With Mike. “I think it is important to pay it forward, and I am fortunate to have the ability to do so.”

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