Did you know 89% of consumers already do what they can to live sustainable lives by reusing or recycling goods? Pro Packaging is a leader in responding to consumer trends in the packaging industry and the sustainable movement is no exception. When most of us think “green” packaging, we may picture plain, unattractive cardboard looking boxes. In an effort to satisfy the current eco-friendly trends sweeping our world, Pro Packaging has met consumer and client demands by not only providing an array of sustainable options to our clients, but designing beautiful and innovative packaging possibilities. In addition to using 100% recyclable material whenever possible, we routinely design efficiency into each box in order to reduce the amount of material used which means less waste. This not only helps save our environment, but it saves you money!

Pro Packaging’s design team implements extensive packaging options utilizing state-of-the-art technology by employing their worldwide manufacturing capabilities. Several sustainable material and construction alternatives are available for traditional plastic packaging items, as well as for corrugated boxes and packages. Recycled paperboard can also be selected and has similar surface characteristics to traditional corrugated material, or chipboard, which allows for any kind of printing, UV coating, stamping, and embossing. We also have access to agriculturally-based inks (like soy or linseed), as well as inks that do not contain heavy metals for RoHS compliance.

Consumers look for signs on packaging that manufacturers are green conscience. Join the movement with us!

Our philosophy

Be nice to the earth, it was nice to you first!

About our future

Sustainable packaging is becoming a new trend in consumer habits when shopping. Be in the know, be in with the trend!