Packaging Design & Prototypes


Even if you manufacture the best products in your target market, consumers won’t notice them unless they’re displayed in quality packaging that gets your brand noticed. At Pro Packaging, we don’t just sell bags and boxes—we care about developing innovative packaging while maximizing your product’s potential.

We have a great deal of experience designing packages such as:

  • Custom boxes/displays (corrugated/chipboard)
  • Vacuum formed plastic (blisters, clamshells, trays)
  • Pouches
  • Bags
  • Sleeves

We make sure you approve of every step we take during the custom packaging design process with blank samples, die lines, computer models, and finished samples. This keeps you from investing a lot of money on minimum orders or redesigns as you search for the perfect package. All packaging can accommodate generic printing or full color graphics to provide you with imaginative designs ranging from professional to exciting.

Custom Prototyping and Design

With our packaging prototypes, you can sample and test a variety of package types before making any large investments. Prototyping encompasses two different phases:

  • Virtual prototypes. Designers create multiple ideas that could suit a specific product. Virtual prototyping helps designers visualize each packaging solution and narrow down features and graphics to create the physical package.
  • Physical prototypes. With a physical packaging prototype, you can hold the package in your hands, test its functionality, and compare it with other competing prototypes to facilitate selection of the best possible packaging solution.

Many other contract packaging manufacturers will force you to lock in a design and make a minimum purchase before you even hold a physical sample in your hand. By this point, making changes is expensive or impossible without wasting what you’ve already bought. Instead of restricting your imagination, we can produce innovative prototypes to test out different ideas.

The benefits of packaging prototypes include:

  • Low risk of design errors in final production
  • Evaluation of production cost and design feasibility
  • Facilitation of consumer research and testing
  • Can test multiple package designs and concepts

Custom Design Capabilities

The team at Pro Packaging creates custom packaging solutions that drive results. Our customers love the packaging we create. Our advanced design capabilities are supported by:

  • ArtiosCAD
  • Adobe Creative Suites
  • Kongsberg Full Size CAD Samples
  • 4-Color Process Digital Samples

Prototyping with Pro Packaging

At Pro Packaging, we’ve provided high quality custom packaging design and fabrication solutions for decades. We work closely with each customer throughout the design and prototyping process to ensure they receive the best possible solution to protect and display their product. We also offer sales and marketing consultations and contract packaging services upon request. We’ve created countless perfect packaging solutions for clients in a broad range of industries—let us create a solution for you!

For more information about our design capabilities or other services, please contact us.