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Clay Seger

Clay Seger is the founder and CEO of Pro Packaging, a one-stop shop for all packaging needs from design, prototyping, to production and fulfillment. Seger is energetic, hardworking and is simply passionate about the packaging industry.     

The business started in 1983 after Seger worked in the packaging industry for nearly a decade prior. After feeling constrained and frustrated by not being able to provide his cosmetic customers with a full array of customizable options, he decided to start his own company. That is when Pro Packaging was born. His work with the cosmetic industry currently is the most rewarding as his customers expect a great deal of creativity, customization, marketing savvy, and an appreciation for beautiful, quality packaging. 

In a recent interview, Seger stated, “I think the main reason Pro Packaging has found success is because we start by listening carefully to our clients.  We work closely with them to understand their needs, educate them on optimal possibilities, and then work hard to exceed their expectations.”  Seger explained further by saying he and his team enjoy finding creative ways to thrill their clients with innovative solutions and affordable prices.

From a global perspective, Seger’s vision for the packaging industry is to be more responsible to the planet, increase efficiency to lower raw material waste, all while creating more fabulous packaging innovations.

“We are an innovative, solutions based company.” -Clay Seger

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Sharon Furniss

As the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Pro Packaging, Sharon Furniss brings a fresh perspective to the company’s business by utilizing her consumer marketing expertise from her time at The Walt Disney Company to influence packaging decisions for her clients. She believes a product’s image is essential to its success in the highly competitive retail space. “Packaging is the first impression, it needs to be captivating.” says Furniss.

Furniss believes Pro Packaging’s competitive edge is best summed up by the strong loyalty from their client base. Each client is afforded as much time and attention as necessary to produce the best possible, innovative and affordable results. They are dedicated to their clients’ success guiding them every step of the way from design to fulfillment. “The one-on-one attention given to each client is unmatched in the industry. Nobody works harder for our clients than the Pro Packaging team.”

Looking ahead, Furniss sees the packaging industry better addressing consumer trends like sustainability, personalization, desire for immediate information and faster turnaround times. She also sees the cost of packaging becoming more affordable and accessible especially for emerging companies.

Furniss holds a Master in Business Administration degree from Boston College, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Vermont.

“Those who do not think outside
the box are easily contained.”  -Nicolas Manetta

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Rick Gunther

After owning and operating franchises for ten years, starting at the age of 18, Rick Gunther came to Pro Packaging to leave behind dealing with all the “red tape” of large corporations.  He arrived at Pro Packaging in 1988 and quickly moved up the ranks to his current position as the head of the Finance department. Gunther brings his remarkable work ethic of dependability, attention to detail, pragmatism and loyalty to the team.  In 2018, Gunther celebrated 30 years of working at Pro Packaging and particularly enjoys utilizing his entrepreneurial skills in the areas of accounting, finance, and purchasing.

Gunther believes much of the success Pro Packaging has experienced over the years stems from the founder himself, Clay Seger.  “Clay doesn’t rest until he and his team have devised the most creative, optimal and cost-effective packaging solutions for his clients…big and small.”  

Gunther noted many changes in the packaging industry over the years; particularly in the use of technology resulting in an enhanced number of creative solutions that Pro Packaging can offer their clients.  Pro Packaging’s client base is diverse, and being able to reflect that diversity in our packaging solutions is the key to the company’s success.

“A box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

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Lance Seger

Lance Seger is a logistics machine when it comes to working for Pro Packaging. His aptitude for systems design and running efficient operations is an enormous benefit for his clients.

As Vice President of Operations at Pro Packaging, Seger oversees operations including quoting, and inventory management. He is developing a state-of-the-art quoting system where clients can interactively select various preferences for a particular project within a single quote.  No more wasting time going back and forth with changing options when his clients can get the answers they need instantaneously.

Seger is also re-working all current business processes to create a more efficient and user-friendly client experience. He believes Pro Packaging’s competitive edge is the extremely high level of customer service given to every client. “Every client is treated with care and benefits from all of our services.” Pro Packaging is truly a one-stop-shop that handles every aspect of the packaging process from design, prototyping, production and fulfillment.     

Seger sees the packaging industry becoming more internet based with the help of fast-paced innovations in technology.  He embraces and implements new ideas while working towards making Pro Packaging a “packaging giant.”

Seger majored in Statistics at Southern Methodist University, and holds a Master degree there in Applied Statistics and Data Analysis.

“One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out.” -Jeff Bezos