Industry players across America are seeking innovative new ways to reduce the amount of waste they generate—and so are we! One way we achieve this is by building flexible packaging pouches for our clients, which allow them to showcase their products in beautifully designed and engineered pouches.

Flexible Packaging

In the past, large or irregularly shaped products required the use of oversized standard packaging that inefficiently wrapped the product and consumed more resources than necessary. Large packaging like this also necessitates the use of stuffing materials to ensure the product doesn’t jostle around within its package.

Pro Packaging gets around these challenges by designing a wide array of flexible packaging that actually fits what’s being shipped. When you switch to flexible packaging, you will see reduced:

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  • Waste in landfills (our pouches are 100% biodegradeable)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (our pouches are made using green manufacturing processes)
  • Energy consumption during production
  • Overall product weight (which will reduce shipping costs and required fuel)

But flexible packaging will do more than just improve environmental efficiency. Clients using flexible packaging enjoy:

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  • More out-of-the-ordinary packaging options to choose from
  • Improved product-to-package ratios
  • Increased production and transportation savings
  • Sales from consumers seeking to reward environmentally friendly behavior

In addition to building top-notch flexible packaging, we also offer a full suite of package design, sales, and marketing consultation services upon request. Be sure to also ask us about our contract packaging services and our quality assurance policy.

Contact the Experts at Pro Packaging Today!

For over 30 years, Pro Packaging has been a leader in creating efficient packaging solutions for customers across the country. We offer a variety of contract packaging/fulfillment services for clients in the retail, industrial, and commercial fields. We also work with individual customers to create quality gift packaging and other cardboard creations.

We offer quality package design, sales, and marketing consultation upon request. Software we work with includes:

  • ArtiosCad
  • SolidWorks
  • Adobe Creative Suites
  • Kongsberg full-sized CAD samples
  • Four-color process digital samples

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how we can help solve your next packaging challenge.