For individuals and retailers seeking a durable packaging solution that doesn’t break the bank, we build a wide range of corrugated folding cartons and point-of-purchase (POP) displays. Corrugated cardboard consists of fluted corrugated sheets packed between two flat linerboards, which provides three layers of impact protection and water resistance while preserving the lightweight, cost-effective properties of cardboard.

We build all our corrugated products from recycled, plant-based cellulose fiber, which we source using eco-friendly procurement practices. We also provide high-quality graphic printing and other customization capabilities to help set your product off from the competition. Our experienced design consultants will work with you to maximize the potential of your corrugated cartons and displays.

Corrugated Folding Cartons and Displays

We employ a number of techniques to design corrugated products to our clients’ specifications. Working with state-of-the-art die cutting, specialty gluing, and digital printing equipment, we build products ranging from regular slotted containers to point-of-sale and point-of-purchase displays that will set your business apart from the competition.

Our expert design consulting services will also make your shipping containers and POP displays, well, pop. We’ll work with you to create the perfect images for your corrugated items, and then we’ll use our large-scale printing capabilities to create as many as you need—within your budget. (This process tends to favor larger-volume orders, but we can work with you on more specialized projects).

Subscription Retail Services

Along with shipping and storage containers, we design unique, high-quality packaging for subscription retail. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or running an e-commerce business, we can help you create one-of-a-kind graphic prints that add an extra layer of personality to your packaging.

Examples of specialized corrugated packaging that we work with include:

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  • Corporate gift boxes
  • Influencer specialty packages
  • Cakeboxes and other display cases for baked goods
  • Design-style trays

Inside-Out Shipping

Our packaging can also include inside-out capabilities as needed. Inside-out shipping enables you to package small products within a larger container. In this configuration, we package your product and then bundle it with similar products in larger packaging, enhancing its safety during transportation or storage while also allowing you to ship more products at a time.

This process also lets you individually customize each product with specialized graphics, which provide an unforgettable unboxing experience for the recipient.

Endless Customization Options

Every product we build can be fully integrated with tracking and tracing equipment. We work with a wide range of corrugation materials, which include:

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  • Standard cellulose fiber
  • Environmentally friendly post-industrial wood material
  • Fluting sizes from A–F (C is the most commonly used size, but optimal sizes vary based on the cardboard’s application and strength requirements)
  • Singleface board construction
  • Singlewall board construction
  • Doublewall board construction.

We also offer a wide range of converting capabilities, such as:

  • Flexographic one-, two-, three-, and four-color printing
  • High-end litho-label printing and lamination
  • Digital printing
  • Die cutting
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Design and shipping services

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Since 1983, Pro Packaging has led the field in creating quality packaging solutions for customers across America. We provide a full array of contract packaging/fulfillment services for customers in the industrial, commercial, and retail fields, and we also work with individual customers to create quality gift packaging and other cardboard creations.

We offer expert package design, sales, and marketing consultation upon request. Software we work with includes:

  • ArtiosCad
  • SolidWorks
  • Adobe Creative Suites
  • Kongsberg full-sized CAD samples
  • Four-color process digital samples

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how we can help you satisfy your corrugated packaging needs.