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Join Our Sales Team

Don't know anything about packaging?  Don't worry, we do!  Don't have time?  Don't worry, we do!  You do not have to learn a new trade, or spend a lot of time, to take advantage of this opportunity. We do the work and you get paid for the referral.

Don't know where to begin?  Don't worry, we do!  Most likely, you are already walking over a virtual mother lode of sales opportunities.  We make it simple for you to introduce Pro Packaging to your existing accounts and/or business relationships either by direct referral or indirect, should you wish to remain at arm's length.  Our experience spans over 30 years in the packaging industry and, quite frankly, we know what we are doing.  This wealth of experience is available to your contacts; all that is needed is a referral from you!  We have a generous, ongoing, commission plan that makes it a win-win for all concerned.

The process is simple. Just keep your eyes open for the type of packaging products that you see on our Website. That's it. Once you notice a contact using any of them, suggest they call us to get a competitive quote, or have us call them. We will do the rest. Once the prospect becomes a customer, you earn commission. We will manage the ordering, billing, shipping process. You manage the relationship. It's as simple as that.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill in your contact information on the link below. All information received is completely confidential and not shared with any outside sources. We will then provide you with further details on how you can begin making a better living while providing first class service for your contacts.

Not sure? Here's a real life example. A Senior Purchasing Agent that had just been let go from his company contacted Pro Packaging. Literally, within 6 months of leaving his company, he had matched his salary that he left behind. Within one year, he had doubled that salary. And, within two years, he was making over eight times what he would have been making had he stayed with the company that let him go. How many hours a week was he working? 10-12 hours. Did he have any regrets? Yes, only that he was not let go sooner!

Here's another. A salesman in the stationary and business card printing business had a good relationship with the buyer at a major musical instruments company. Knowing of Pro Packaging, he referred them to us. Over the span of 10 years, this salesman has made just under $50,000. How much time has he spent to receive this windfall? At most, 10 hours over that 10 year period. Let's see, that's $5,000/hour. Not a bad hourly rate!

For more information, click the "Join our Sales Team" link below.  See just what we can do for you!

Sales Team
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