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About Pro Packaging

While we would much rather talk about you and your packaging needs, knowing a little more about us will help give insight to what we stand for and what we offer to all our new and existing customers.

Our company was founded by Clay Seger in 1983. Already an eight year veteran in the packaging arena, having worked with several respectable packaging companies, it was time to put his special blend of background and vision to work. Pro Packaging was formed with the idea of providing truly comprehensive solutions; and that was well before the term "one-stop-shop" became such a common byline in our industry. Our customers' needs have always been paramount and, when a requirement came up with which we were unfamiliar, we committed our efforts to educating ourselves and exploring any and all possibilities that we could bring to bear on that requirement.

After 25 years, we continue this commitment, bringing an ever deepening wealth of experience to each and every project that our customers present to us. Years and years of continually exploring new packaging options has given Pro Packaging the ability to truly "think outside the box" when proposing packaging solutions for our customers.

When you come to Pro Packaging, you will not find "stock" solutions. What you will find are creative, cost effective and cutting edge ideas and yes, some components may be "stock" items, but only if they support the greater overall picture to help you achieve your goals. You will receive comprehensive solutions that take into account your marketing, production and purchasing objectives. Be it a simple chipboard carton or an involved family of interrelated packaging components (vacuum forming, corrugated and/or chipboard cartons/displays, labeling, RFID compliance, "green" packaging alternatives, etc.), we believe that integrating your company goals up front with our depth of experience allows us to deliver winning solutions that help support your success.

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